Everything planned in the preparedness plan must be implemented during this part. This is the immediate action of the people after an emergency or a disaster.

A. Responders

Since this Disaster Response Program if made for this Health Care Center, the Medical team would be the first responders if there would be injured people.

B.Damage Assessment

If the windows of the Health Care Center are damaged, replacement of storm-proof materials is recommended.

This part is important since the people who will manage the rebuilding and restoration during the recovery will base on this assessment.

C. Basic Necessities in the Evacuation Area

All supplies and equipment prepared can be consumed during this time.

If there is a scarcity of supplies and equipment prepared, some of the relief goods can be of big help. These relief goods may come from other cities, provinces, regions, and even countries that are not affected by the emergency or disaster.


A. Damaged Windows

Engineers and construction workers will be the ones who will man the repairing of these windows with storm-proof materials such as:

  1. Impact-resistant glass or shutters that can withstand high winds and flying debris.
  2. Heavy-duty frames surrounding the windows that can prevent the walls from collapsing.

B. Future Constructions

When planning future constructions of infrastructures around Metro Manila, here are some of the places to consider because of being flood-prone:

  1. España – Antipolo-Maceda in Manila
  2. Burgos – Manila City Hall vicinity
  3. Osmeña – Skyway Northbound and Southbound,Makati
  4. EDSA – NorthAvenue, Quezon City
  5. Don Bosco, Makati
  6. Buendia – South Superhighway (South bound)
  7. Buendia – South Superhighway (North bound)
  8. C-5 – Bagong Ilog
  9. West Service Road, Merville, Paranaque
  10. East Service Road, Sales Street
  11. North Avenue in front of Trinoma
  12. Buendia Extension Macapagal Avenue – World Trade Center
  13. EDSA – Camp Aguinaldo Gate 3
  14. NLEX Balintawak – Cloverleaf
  15. EDSA – Megamall
  16. EDSA – Pasong Tamo Magallanes Tunnel
  17. Quezon Avenue, Victory Avenue / Biak na Bato
  18. C-5 – BCDA,Taguig City
  19. R. Papa – Rizal Avenue, Manila
  20. C-5 McKinley Road